SOHA Second annual charity fashion show

Narrator: On April 20, over 120 ready-to-wear outfits from local fashion boutiques and five national cause brands will walk the runway at SOHA’s Second Annual Charity Fashion Show and Pop-Up Shop.

SOHA was founded in 2012. Operating as a charity fashion show, SOHA comprises itself of innovative people whose goal involves highlighting Omaha’s fashion boutique scene while sustaining local non-profits in need of awareness and community support.

Farrage: Hi My name is Theresa Farrage and i’m the founder and producer of a local charity fashion event called SOHA which stands for Style Omaha Help All. The mission of SOHA is to combine fashion philanthropy and community spirit into an event that fosters unity, charity and awareness. Second annual SOHA will take place on April 20th at the Slowdown. Doors open at 8 and the show starts at 9. It will feature 20 local fashion boutiques and 5 national cause brands that give back to those in need. Proceeds benefit Omaha’s abide network.  This years show promises to be bigger and better then last year with greater attendance, more fashion boutiques involved, and a lot of fun surprises thrown in the mix.

Narrator: For the UNO school of communications, i’m Alexis Lowe


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