Good afternoon friends,

It has been a busy busy week but I’m back. I wanted to introduce you to a site called Looksy. I actually learned about this site awhile back from Kendall and Kylie Jenner. It has grown a massive amount since the first time I visited the site. How Looksy works is they have “deals of the day” everyday. They have a certain amount of stock on each product, so inventory goes fast! It is an accessory obsessed based company that focuses on jewelry, bags, scarves, t-shirts, and phone cases. They give you the retail price and then the price that they give you discounted. 

These are a few of my favorites from todays “Deal of the Day” there are so many other faves:



1. Crimson Lined ash scarf–HIVE

2. macrame link bracelet– DEEDRA RATTLEY

3. the alex satchel– MAYFAIR ROAD

4. mint rubber links watch– DEEDRA RATTLEY 

5. chunky id bracelet–TINY GLAMOUR

6. jardin shoulder bag–MAYFAIR ROAD

7. classic ivory leather watch–DEEDRA RATTLEY

8. love knot bangle–GILDED ARMOR

9. nantucket anchor bracelet–MAYFAIR ROAD

10. blanche necklace–HIVE

11. tortoise shell iphone 5 case–CASE MATE

12. tie a bow scarf–TINY GLAMOUR 

So get your SALE on my fashionistas and Let me know some of YOUR favorites of the day!

Love yours truly,

Alexis Elizabeth