Home Decor (Walk in Closet)

I pulled a few images that represent the closet I would like to have within the next few years. I would love to have a two room apartment and use one of the rooms for a walk in closet! These images are some of the ideas I have..I hope you enjoy and inspire you ! 



What I love about this is the shelves used to hang the clothes and a few pairs of shoes, the rug and the sofa in the closet with a cute decorative pillow or two.

Instead of that desk and chair I would have a beautiful place to do my makeup.



The leopard chair is obviously a MUST!



Or maybe something more simple for MY Budget!

Here are a few ideas for Jewelry organization:



Happy shopping and decorating, have fun and BUDGET!

I cant wait for these dreams and ideas to come true!

Love yours truly,

Alexis Elizabeth